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Election 2006 - Harvested Web sites

To carry out our new mandate to sample the Canadian Internet domain for preservation purposes, Library and Archives Canada has acquired websites related to the Federal Election held on January 23rd, 2006. In many cases, sites have been captured multiple times in order to show the evolution of the political debate throughout the election campaign. It is possible that some functionality within each archived site may not work correctly.

Some of our website harvesting is still in progress and we will be adding new sites to this special collection as they are downloaded and as we negotiate access permission from the website owners.

Here is a selection of the Election 2006 websites which we have acquired for our Digital Collection :

Elections Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Bloc Québécois (French only)

New Democratic Party

Canadian Action Party

Green Party of Canada

Communist Party of Canada

Christian Heritage Party of Canada


* Please note that many of the above named political parties include blogs within them so be sure to check for blogs there as well ! *

BlogsCanada: E-group: multi-partisan political punditry:

Officially unofficial:

If you have any questions about the Elections 2006 websites, please email, or telephone 819-997-9565;
toll free in Canada 1-866-7777.

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